Chapter 5 Exploration of the Jamison and Megalong Valleys. This Chapter tells about the personalities of the men involved in exploring the Jamison and Megalong Valleys searching for mineral wealth. 

Errata:  p59, in the Box for J.B. North: ‘having services in his home’ would read better as ‘holding services in his home’ (AB)


John Britty North

The attached note was part of an inspectors report on Conditional Purchases. It pleads the case for Norths purchases to be granted, even though he had not satisfied all the conditions for the land, i.e. every block had to be improved, but had provided what we would now call infrastructure, in the way of Butchers shop, Public School, and Public House to improve the locality of Katoomba.

Conditional Purchase Certificate
Conditional Purchase Certificate
I have given the improvements as I have found in each portion numbered on in the map attached to this.
Some of the improvements I admit are not actually necessary for mining purposes, but they have been brought about by the opening of this mine.

Such as the Butchers establishment, the Bakers, the Stores, the Public School and the Public House.

In fact Katoomba through the energy of this selector, now bids fair to become a fine country town, giving employment to hundreds of people.

There is no doubt, but that this outlay, caused solely through the starting of this mine, will meet with consideration at your hands.

I have the honour to be


your most obedient servant ( rubber stamp )

indecipherable could be Lang Smith

Inspector of Conditional Purchases.