Appendix B Campbell Mitchell (1831-1883)

This Appendix details the tragic death of Campbell Mitchell from mouth cancer, via the medium of his own diary.

Campbell Mitchell’s Diary


Transcript From Diary 1882 1 Vol 0.02m

ML MSS 5438, 1882


Campbell Mitchell’s diary of 1882 is a small but important source of information on the life of a coal speculator in late 19th century New South Wales.  The diary was written in a methodical manner but entries were not meticulously made on the day they occurred.  In order to allow the diarist’ voice to be heard, many of the entries have been transcribed as they appear in the original.  Few punctuation marks are used, as Mitchell preferred the use of a long dash to accent his personal notes and used abbreviations typical of the time: wd, cd, and &c  for  would, could and etc.  First names, when

recorded, are abbreviated conventionally.  However, problems occur in identifying many of his business partners whose names are abbreviated to initials in an irregular fashion.  At times his hand writing becomes difficult to read, perhaps an indication of the entry being made on a train.  As Campbell Mitchell’s health deteriorates, some days are left without an entry, and are not recorded here. All entries cease abruptly before 25 December, 1882.  Through extrapolation and research, a list of suggestions is given at the end of the diary to help the reader.  The few editorial inserts made in the text are in italics.





13 Friday


At sale of Hill land no bid for Stareley’s land at Blackheath[1].  Met Mole – asked me for copy of Ichneuman[2] – with Stareley to Punch’s[3] – recd letter and cards from Alice.


16 Sunday


Sent Livy[4] letter and draft for ₤40.  Cost ₤40.3 papers to him, Alice and Dick[5], Livy and Vic. Mann[6] called in evening – Met Bate[7], saw Bensusan[8] and Stareley – wrote Finn[9] to report on K.T.L.[Kings Table Land]  Sent two letters to applicants for cottage at Bowenfels.


20 Friday


To Bowenfels by mail train – took cretonne? for rooms – walked from station to Tankersley[10] – Grumpy [dog] asleep – danced round my parcels before he saw me –


21 Saturday


11 chicks hatched this day under grey fowl –


22 Sunday


Finn called and slept at cottage – drew out plan of land to be taken at K.T.L. – drove him next day to South Bowenfels – bought some fruit etc at the gardeners –


23 Monday


Corusfaced drawing posts for stable yard – Jim Quinlan helping –


24 Tuesday


Gave Mason directions to make wall for fence –


25 Wednesday


Painters came – drew fencing.


Thermometer 96 in shade – the hottest week ever felt in this district –


26 Thursday


Anniversary day – all hands at work – got fender and rug from station – the last far too good for the place –


27 Friday


Our water holes full – creek running – drought notwithstandg


28 Saturday


To Ben Bullen with Murrells – fearful hot day – breakfasted at Pat Browns – he refused to take my payment – the river dry! – got to Ben Bullen at 11.20.  went down Jews Creek to Boiling Down place – saw no slate – home by 7pm rested –


29 Sunday


Cow calved on 30th a white heifer calf – To Sydney on Monday – met a Queensland man – he said Q. was the finest place in the world to winter in and that Tasmania was the best summer residence.


31 Tuesday


Drew dividends in Queensland Bank & Mercantile – Pat Higgins[11] died –


Therm and Tankersley – at Bowenfels


Jan 31 67-73-56 at 8am-1pm -7pm

Feb 1    57-59-60        

Feb 2    52-69-67         

Feb 3    58-66-69 [degrees Fahrenheit]





1 Wednesday


Wrote Wiltshire and Bowring with receipt for rents – also Manager (A.J.S.B.)[12] Balranald – To Mills[13] and Norton about Carthona[14] – Captain Onslow died[15]


2 Thursday


Wrote Finn re K.T.L. and South Coal – sent paper – Murrells –

Livy Mann sailed for America – his father promised to let me know but didn’t! (left at 3 on Feb. 3rd)


3 Friday


Altcar for San Frisco with 2000 tons of coal – John Mann sent letter but too late – perhaps as well.

Sir T’s grandson – the heir to Polmood – third mate of a Collier! – The marriages of poor Millie and Emily[16] have been most unfortunate –


4 Saturday


Letter from Mann in Herald re Leichhardt Expedition – Had better been silent – No one cares to read aspersions of the dead – Edwards and L. called – sent Finn post card for descriptions K.T.L. [Kings Table Land]– saw Bensusan and Backhouse[17]


5 Sunday


Looked over accounts – Sent B[18] account to S. Coal with proposal to sell full half share for conversion of lands into freehold – hear Combes address on Technical Education – a masterly address –


6 Monday


Commenced papering passage – received cask of beer – Therm during week ranged from 70º to 76º at Tankersley from 52º to 71º – Drought continues – Creek still running at Tankersley!


7 Tuesday


Met James Tyson – said he had heard from Dick[19] – he is much aged – (he is about 61)


8 Wednesday


Called in O’Connell St B. out – could not buy land on K.T.L. – funds not forthcoming – must look elsewhere for funds – poor Finn will be disappointed –


9 Thursday


Wattamolla[20] advertised for sale on 21st reserve ₤12 – by Mills & Co – saw North[21] about South Coal – he thinks he can get ₤450 for half share – Livys Birthday 60 or 61?


10 Friday


Wrote Bensusan – Burfitt[22] – Pile[23] – Norton & Smith[24] – advertised cottage & land in Herald of 11th apply Burfitt – Plastering finished in McLeay St[25]



11 Saturday


Moved back into dining room – …2nd advert of Wattamolla – my advert re finished cottage and mountain in lands for which I paid Foster 4/- did not appear!


13 Monday


Wattamolla 3rd advert… Important notice in Herald of this day as to Probates – must be sworn to in open court – wrote Finn & Cleese re K.T.L. – received civil letter from Bowden re Balranald lands[26] – Left proposal with North half share S.C. for £504 to be paid May 27. 82


14 Tuesday


Called twice in O’Connell St without seeing B. – then to Backhouse showed him Simpson’s letter about Wattamolla – in reply to mine sending him ₤1 – sent letter to Dick by Rosetta – Bulletin to him and Livy


15 Wednesday


Thrice to O’Connell St did not see B. – then to North nothing done – to see him at 2½ on Thursday – saw Burfitt advert had appeared in a corner of the Herald – Hervey Prince died cer 63 b and no advert Wattamolla –


17 Friday


Wrote Livy and sent him ₤40 – Corf ₤40-3 & also 2nd Ex of ₤40 sent on Jan-16-  told him of my intention to sell ???[indiscernible] and buy Q. N. s [Queensland National shares](33) – wrote Dick about same & wrote Alice


18th February


At 7am to Bowenfels – Rae (Secretary) in engaged carriage with me – introduced me to Russell Engineer in Works[27] – Neale P. M.[28] got in at Parramatta – also some young Melbourne men – told them the Wentworth story – a romance of Fletchers –


19 Sunday


Found all well at Tankersley Creek still running – Mrs M.[29] disturbed me at to say that Mr Shepherd (a fencer wanted to see me) says she won’t disturb me again even if the Queen called.  Martin helping Jim to clear off – Went all over the ground


20 Monday


Retd to Sydney by 6.20 train – Neale – Thompson – his mate – North – Melbourne boys & others in train – had long talk about coal deposits – Hotel Coy – proposed to buy the Imperial & Perrys – Neale P. M. took me home in his cab –


21 Tuesday


Wattamolla offered this day and sold 12 per acre – met Bn at 11 – he called at Auction room then went for young Backhouse – told him to bid up to ₤11 – drew pension – Vic called for Millies picture –  mem:   Bring frame back – the 28 ac bought by Mr Kelly ₤12 per acre.


22 Wednesday


Placed Tankersley in Ramsons hands to Let furnished 3.3 per week – unfurnished ₤8 per month – Goodlet sent 200 ft pine to Bowenfels.  Edwards and Lambton here till 1 ½ am – wrote Rush re horses for Shepherd[30] on trip to Nattai


23 Thursday


Wrote Murrells to send for 200 ft pine to Station –

– met Gerald Spring[31] at Pfahlerts[32] – called on Pile and Backhouse


24 Friday


Placed cottage at Bowenfels to Let by E. Ramsay Arcade Chambers King St – 1st advertised by him on Saturday 25th as a farm. – He say he must go and see it – Miss M. sued for fencing by Jenkins!


25 Saturday


Trial of Milburn Creek trustees[33] – Jury couldn’t agree – trustee bound over to appear again – Letter from Livy – Lady A.[34] withdraws help from Mary and Emily – Enquiry as to land at Roddy’s – know nothing of it except a promise of Dicks to give ½ ac at Weimby (Caira) [Balranald]


26 Sunday


– This memo I gave Dick – The following a copy 30 Sept 67 Lot V of Sec 25.  Town of Weimby Cy of Victoria, Caira No 10396 Allot 1 of Sec 23

– arranging papers all day


27 Monday


Called at Queensland National Bank and applied for 33 new shares – 28 in name of RBM[35] and 5 in name of L.M. paid ₤132 by cheque of 1 on Bank of NSW – no receipt given – called at Norths about Cocks and S.C. on Bn[36]  -showed letter from Rush – Shepherd to write – sent Ramsay Murrells letter – B.B. did not keep his appmt – placed deed of 28 ac Wattamolla with Josh Thompson, Solr  Vickorys Chambers – called on Mann – saw him and Meba told them of Lady A – having withdrawn her usual  allowance to Emily’s girls – reminded him of the ₤400 owing by Tornaghi? he promised to write – Went at night to Penmant Bing Society Livy’s 20 shares worth ₤600 cost ₤400





1 Wednesday


Bought 40 ac M.C.P. Kings Tableland Bn to pay half to hold on thirds with Bn Finn – Recd ₤251 for Wattamolla one half to Backhouse – also 84₤ less expenses from Mills and Co paid into bank and gave Bn a cheque for ½ also ₤2.10 for sketches – sent for wine 1d sh 1do  virago 1 do whisky Thompson.


2 Thursday


Former owner of Wattamolla called and I gave him 10/- met Young Hargrave[37] – Robberds – Dansey & his friend & liquored at Punch’s – railway to go past Stanwell cottage – saw Mills said he had interest to pay –


3 Friday


Called twice on Mills – out – Recd wine &c from Thompson – sketches from Backhouse – Met L.[38] by appmt his visit to T. postponed – saw North he wrote to Cocks for papers re S.C. – Land agent Penrith returned my cheque for K.T.L. – said it was against Regulations – Van Heckeren got off.  Jury disagree


4 Saturday


To Tankersley by Tourist train – Hon. John Stewart and Mr Kent in carriage – the first on a visit to Piddington at Mt Victoria – + Kent on his way to see Hon Mr Perry C.P.S. at Lithgow – Fine shower of rain – first for months –


5 Sunday


Showery – very little rain fell – Surveyors marking the 75 acres & roads – Mem to about last – planted grass seed in evening & visited the arch – Found that chimney smoked since alterations – paid Murrells, Shepherd & Kirkwood


6 Monday


Returned to Sydney – Stewart again – promised to send him extract on “Courts of Concilliation in Norway” – Kent introduced me to Hon. Mrs Pery a fine Tasmanian women about 30 – on arrival found that we had removed into dining room – my eye bad from a spark from the railway engine on Saturday – used solution of poppies [laudanum] – called on Mills got balance of purchase money Wattamolla & ₤15 being gss cut on ₤1000 trust – the first since June last – sent B.B. his money – met L. & sent him to the devil for dictating to me.


8 Wednesday


To Registrar Generals office saw Roddys deed – heard that letters must be taken out – ? What is the value of that half acre(sic) – saw S.L.B. about S.C. – he telegraphed to Shepherd – met Edwards – Broudhurst & arranged to go to Penrith on 9th

Called on Thompson & offered 40 ac at Wattamolla at ₤20/p.a.c.

Letters by mail from Sparling & Mrs M.


9 Thursday


9th – To Penrith – bought under MCP 40 ac Kings Table Land on thirds with P.F. & S.L.B.[39]. wrote Finn – dined with Smith of Penrith – In evening to Dr Mackenzie[40] – signed paper – to send him particularly of S.C. He has bought house at Rose Bay ₤1800 – 400 shares Hudsons and 800 ac near me at Bowenfels – all out of physic! – My eye cured by using plain cold bread poultice – Lambton called in evening – Norrie recommended poppies for the eye – Did me no good – Letters from Queensland National receipts for payment of  ₤112 & ₤20 – in all ₤132


11 Saturday


Making up accounts – laid carpet in smoking room – paid for furniture here – met Fletcher at Currans – Told L and self some amazing stories about Parkes & Dr Allenton – about the last worth recording in some other diary –


12 Sunday


Recd telegram from S.L.B. [Samuel Levy Bensusan] that Shepherd would meet us at Mittagong on Tuesday – we started by mail train on Monday.  Reached Station at 11 ½ – supped and went over to Drapers Inn.  Two artists gave us up their beds – while breakfasting on Tuesday morning Shepherd walked in – said he had slept at the station where there were nice beds and baths – so we moved over there – hired buggy and drove to Rush’s – could get no horses there so arranged at Mittagong for three Ruane[41] lent me his piebald the best of the lot – breakfasted next morning at daylight and started for Rush’s – he was up and accompanied us – reached the mine at half past 9 – examined it and found it all right – Shepherd seemed pleased with what he said and returned with Rush – dined at station and caught the midday train for Sydney.   B. and I took the mail train leaving at 3.45 on the 16th and got to Sydney at 7.15. B. drove me home – stayed in bed most of the day – felt quite knocked up – cannot stand riding now – wrote Murrells that I wd be at Bowenfels 9pm on Saturday next I intended to attend the Govt. sale at the Falls.




17 Friday


Recd interest from Bowring Bros left samples of coal with S.L.B.  Called on B.B. he agreed to pay 40 ac at W. on Tuesday next – called at Fariney ordered glass – paid Tomkins 12/02 saw Sparke who promised to make further the repairs in McLeay St.  Wrote bank at Balranald and Bowring Brother re. their lease – received bonus in Permanent Building Co for Livy – ₤28 – on 18th started for Bowenfels. Had to walk to Redfern Station – attended govt sale at Falls met Finn who accompanied me to Bowenfels.


19 Sunday


Finn marked 2 acres for garden and went with me over Dawsons recent survey of the 75 acre.  At 4 pm.  Murrells drove Finn to the Hermitage Lithgow – Paid Finn ₤5 for his work.  Therm at Tankersley 54° on morning of 20th.


20 Monday


Returned by 6.20 train met Kirkpatrick Architect of Hotel at Katoomba – Thompson – Graham – Hilder and a host of others – very hot and train late wrote Bate that I would not sell Gate House under ₤20 paid for 70 ac.


21 Tuesday


To O’Connell St – S.L.B.’s daughter in – he with him at Bowral – called at Pettys – Shepherd out – met B.B. also Raymond – got Lithos of Colo and National Park – Bought two “Tour around the World” containing 20 prints each of best buildings for 2/-


22 Wednesday


Had several meetings at S.L.B.’s about the South Railway Coal Coy – arranged to form proprietary Compy 10 shares of ₤150 each – B.B. and self to hold 4 paid up of the other 6 Dr Mackenzie takes 2 – Shepherd (+Bennett) 2 S.L.B. 2 – the capital to be expended in proving coal and taking additional land to make up 1230 ac Two evenings the Doctors –


24 Friday


Our next neighbour Moss died – great noise and lamentations in his family  Negotiations going on for purchase of South Coal – Shepard the Yankee withdrew – he has all information about our land – will he take advantage of it?  S.L.B. thinks not – The Company at present consists of 5 members C.M. & B.B.  4 shares to be paid at ₤150 each – Dr McK. 2 & S.L.B. 1 contributing – the first named paid ₤205 of the ₤320 he owes for taking up 410 ac S L B paid ₤40 for taking 80 ac – the other shares are still for sale – sold to Dr McK. – one half share in Cannel at P.H.


27 Monday


He paid ₤40 to take 80 acres I sent cheque to Finn – He has to pay in all ₤160 for lands and improvements – Met Henderson and agreed to engage his diamond drill for 600 ft booth at ₤1 per foot for Colo Mine – he is to go with us to see the land on Thursday – In the Cannel lands Finn & I hold ¼ each – Dr Mck ½ –

Placed with E[42], Ramsey arcade – plan of Lithgow Lands and proposal to sell them to company at ₤12 per acc for the 285ac on terms.  He inquired about Tankersley and I told him – my price was ₤5000 – To Mittagong on 29th with Bensusan – slept at Gibsons – In buggy at 7 to Berrima – bought 410ac in my name 80 ac in Bensusans’s Dr MacKenzie found ₤205 and S.L.B. ₤40 – Henderson came by day train Ruane drove him & me out to see spot for borehole returned at 6 – Government siding to go in at Gate![43]  Bongly 80 ac cannel land at Pulpit Hill – Dr McK. paid ₤40 for taking up – he has half share for ₤160 P. F. a fourth each –





On April 1st to Bowenfels – by 7am in train – called the falls to see the sale of Brasforth North – Harold, MacLean, Richardson[44] – his nephew Clerk etc in carriage also Meeks – no sale took place land lot offered – no buyers – poor MacLean gave them a free luncheon and drink and paid half this and fares.  M. + R. lunched with me at Wilsons[45].  Finn came after sale and went with me as far as Mt Victoria – I found Murrells in waiting at Bowenfels.  Home by 9 – paid Quinlan ₤15 for clearing Murrells of 5 on account and Blacke +£ 2/10.


3 Monday


Started for Mittagong on the 5th by mail train – very wet night – slept at Gibsons saw Ruane in morning –  next morning in Buggy to Berrima. – Got drenched to the skin – Wiltshire[46] away paid his Clerk ₤120 for 240 ac at Colo – waited at Taylors Inn to get dry. – landlord very civil – frightful fair on return – met Cordeaux returning home three sheets in the wind – Bensusan came in the morning agreed with Forde Carpenter for 2 cottages at Colo ₤60 each also with Douglas for two shafts one of 50 ft at ₤4 per ft – one of 20 ft at ₤3.10 and gave Ruane ₤35 for expenses – S.L.B. agreed. – Heard there was to be a station at Colo gate.


6 Thursday, 7 Friday


Letter from Finn 160ac of cannel secured at Pulpit Hill.  Dr M. ½ C.M. ¼ P.F. ¼  Dr M. to find ₤80 for prospecting – On Friday Ruane drove Douglass and self to Colo – marked out place for shafts and cottages – accepted Forde & Douglass’ tenders – very tired in evening bad cold result of exposure on Thursday – went to bed at 9


Ebblewhite wanted to see me – returned by midday train on Saturday Richardson and Holt[47] in carriage. – Bill of Gibson’s very reasonable – (on 11th) received letter from J. Powell sub curator of Interstate Estates to R.B.M. with cheq No. 968 on BNSW for ₤9.5 in state of Wm Harry.  Claimant Alex Cormack – returned letter and cheque to curator same day.


10 Monday


Dr M. called and agreed to my arrangements at Colo – also agreed to purchase 640 ac and 80 at Colo – he to have two thirds I one third – to be taken on Thursday – wrote Finn and Murrells – very ill with cold.


11 Tuesday


Wrote Dick by P. + O. Clyde sent him, Livy and Alice papers wrote Bowden + Fettow re Bowrings place – sent Wiltshire receipt for ₤2.10 rent wrote Bate offering the 20 ac at Gate House – Dr M. called and he agreed to take 400 ac at Colo not for the company + 160 ac opposite at a future time.


12 Wednesday


Still laid up with the cold – wrote B.B. with full particulars of Colo – letter from Simpson boat burst up terrible flood at Wattam – went by mail train to Mittagong – great rush of volunteers – the gallant captain with us – produced soda and brandy – Stubbs at Gibsons – started before me and took up 40 ac of W.R. – I expect for road metal – with S.L.B.  I took 400 ac North of Companys lands – on return went with Ruane to see work at Gate – Shafts down to bedrock – chose site for cottage returned by 7.45 train on 14th had to empty carriage – all the way.


14 Friday


Wrote Dr M., S.L.B., B.B., Finn

Paid Farmer – Pierce – Gas (Mem never to employ Farmer again on acct of his charge for making sofa cover ₤2.8)

By 7am train to Bowenfels on 15th Graham + Kinchela Contractor for Telegraph posts in carriage – the post Kinchela says cost 4/10/9 each!  On Sunday went overland – gave Murrells one guinea blanket also lent him mattress for his bed – gave Mrs M. 4 yds Turkey Red to make the cover for chair bought fowls at 10/ then bought 7 to Sydney – also some ketchup – on return met Hughes[48] in train – also Fraser, Rae, Thompson, North and others.  Hughes has sold out of Iron Co for ₤4500 – he sells all except the limestone – In evening of return called at Dr M.s – he promised to provide money for work at Colo – letter from B.B. not a word in reply to my letter about south coal –


Called on 18th he out – called on Holdsworth about pension on Treasury about ₤61 paid for Wattamolla – said Newcombe who advised me to write again to Lands Agent Campbelltown for receipt – on Smith about Wants[49] rent -on S.L.B. about S.C. and the money due from Falls sale.  On Moriarty about the 90 ac – he referred me to ______who I saw – is to give me the area to be taken to make up deficiency – On Mills to witness the widows pension – on Dawson and Purves? about Falls – signed for 2 shares in Union Bank at Mullens – sent Finn post card about reserve at Lidsdale – drew pension –


Lady Forbes[50] at house – 19th called twice on S.L.B. out – To survey office. – told must apply for 110 ac to make up unsold area.  Met Dr M. said I need to go to take up land this evening – felt too ill – to Holdsworth – got paper Mitchells Trust witnessed – met North – spoke of Cannel land being taken –


20th called on B.B. he signed letter to Minister for amalgam of lots at Colo – posted letter – wrote to Sparling by “Australia” Lady M. – sent pension papers to Livy – gave B.B. copy of authority to me to act in S. Coal – Yarrington called at 8 and borrowed my overcoat.  Paid in money to bank for the Unions also left book – 21st sent Ruane ₤50 in 2 chqs of ₤25 – sent Simpson ₤1 – Pat Finn ₤5 paid Curran ₤5.10 – Hair cut book from Library.  Wrote Dr M. about reserves – received rent for ₤61 from Lands Agent Campbelltown.


22 Saturday


Wrote Livy by P&O Indus sent him 2nd of Ex for ₤50 – 1st sent on 20th March – also papers to him and Dick – wrote Murrells met Smith – Marsh – Hale – Forde and Dr Ellis.  Dr M. called to see him on Tuesday with agreement.  Lady F. called and asked me to escort Mrs Frank to station on Monday! I declined.


23 Sunday


New suit of clothes from Davies – called B.B. and left with him plan of lands – on 24th again and on 25th – he was out – on S.L.B. received the balance of his compy share namley ₤50 – + heard from him that 3000 ac had been selected last Thursday at Berrima – by Vernon[51] and others (Backhouse!) – at 8pm on 25th went to Dr M. – need cheques for ₤55 on account of Colo Coal Co. – He approved of draft (statement) of agreement – then to Pfahlerts – met Lambton and asked him to Tankersley on Saturday – he is to let me know

– Dr M. advanced ₤55 to the compy – called on Lackey at Works – out – left letter offering him 1 pd share in Colo Coal Company – sent draft and cracked corn to Bowenfels – cost ₤4.12.0.


26 Wednesday


26 Drew ₤60 for taking lands – met B.B. showed him agreement – called on S.L.B. left same with him to be copied – old lady M.[52] in bed – left for Mittagong at 8pm .  Young Lyons in trains also some Victorians to Berrima on Thursday – fine fresh day bought 100 ac paid ₤55 also got declaration papers and estimate of money to be paid on the 6th and 29th prosco – In afternoon went with  Ruane over works at Gate.  Land looks well gave Mr Forde the carpenter and Mr Allen the headshaft sinker some whiskey – then on to Starlings – saw the place and offered ₤3 per ac.  He wants ₤5 his wife say ₤6 – on return saw Rush[53] – showed limits of our lands.

He is up to something!

Returned by early train on Friday to Dr M. in evening – he thinks we must buy out Starling –

Next day to Tankersley – met Graham introduced me to Station master Homebush out for a holiday met Sutherland[54]– Murrells came with horse poor and dirty.


30 Sunday


Finn came to dinner on Sunday, left at 8pm – on return met North, Thompson, Bagnesh – North wants a share in cannel also thinks of buying half share in Colo – had letters from Bowden, Balranald – Prendergaast of Castlemaine Brewery receipts from Thompson receipts from Ruane.





1 Monday


Returned from Tankersley – received letters from Dr M. asking me to call at ¼ to 11 – called went on to S.L.B. for Memo of agreement, then to Lyons Terrace – then by appt at 12 to Castlemaine Brewery to see Prendergaast[55] – met Perkins of the opposition Mine (Martins) coming out. P. asked me if I know him I replied “Oh yes the man on the wrong side of the river”  P. took a share – signed agreement and gave cheque for ₤150 – met Dr M. leaving – went to Mitchell M.P. – he promised to take a share.


3 Wednesday


Wrote S.L.B.. BB – Simpson of P.H. + Thompson for sherry and port – need instructions re Will – sold to J. Mitchell M.P. one share in Colo Coal.  He paid ₤50 and gave Dr M.  P.N. [promissory note] for ₤100 due Aug 6 for balance – sent by post two cheques to Ruane – one for ₤50 – one for ₤150 (May 5)

To Dr M. in evening – he paid ₤45 – having advanced ₤55 and taken his mistake Mitchells back for balance ₤100 – wrote Bowden and Fellows re Bowring premises offering to let to Fellow and make good chimney and spend ₤10 repairing.


5 Friday


Mills witnessed declarations as to my improvements at Colo – sent them to Wiltshire with cheque for ₤22.19.9.  M. promised to get Lackey to take share with him – gave B.B. Memo of agreet – called on Farmer and sent covering to Tankersley.


6 Saturday


Read will over to Lady M. sent it to Lenyon law stationers – met Richardson – he said if we wished to purchase Craigend – the money would be forthcoming – how about the interest?  Paid Lenyon met S.L.B. left with him draft memo Colo Coal to be copied and sent on to B.B.  S.L.B. said he expected second payment of Falls (177₤) after which he will owe me about ₤66 – met slate man – he introduced me to Wilson of Richmond river friend of Benest – says Mrs B. is virtuous tho’ (sic) she does foolish things – such as speaking to men through a wooden partition while in bed! – telegraphed to Fettow to accept his offer for Bowrings Cottage – nasty letters from B.B. – as usual he will not act on the square- no thanks for getting up Colo Co Dr M. called at 6 I was taking siesta – he looked as if he thought I had been imbibing.


9 Tuesday


Called at Farmers ordered small table, lent Miss S. Lady B.’s confessions.  Left with Mills papers for Lackey – met Ruane who lunched with me at Coffee Palace – gave instructions about improvements at deep shaft – called on Dr M and left all vouchers with him except receipt for ₤40 which S.L.B. holds – wrote B.B. copy of his letter to me authorising South Coal to be placed in Company of 5 share to owner, 6 to sub as of ₤100 each – and 6 Reserve for trustees etc – Dr M. sent ₤50 for purchase of Starlings 40 ac to offer of ₤4.10 per ac Dr M. has agreed to bring 240 ac reset 400 ac Colo – his eldest son (Harleys) birthday 9th (15 years) – wrote Murrells and Mackenzie – to Opera House to see Marshall in “Governor” gave Lambton my ticket at 10 – offered to sell Dr M. ¼ in lands next V. of C. for ₤500 – sent council clerk Maitland 3/ stamps for allot East Maitland.


12 Friday


To Bowenfels on 13th – met three South Australians and three young men from the old country – gave them some information for which they seemed very thankful – met John Sutherland – he promised to call on Sunday – but instead went to Capertee – he asked my address and I offered to supply the Iron company if I go order for large supply – met Lyons also Piddington – same party on return the S.A.’s got out by my advice at the Falls – the others at Parramatta to go down by the river to Sydney.  Murrells and Shepherd had not done much – will signed on 15th in presence of Symonds and S.L.B.  On 16th called on Dr M. – he gave ₤100 to take up 200 ac at Lithgow next V. of C. also ₤150 loan to Colo Company – agreed to cancel Lackey’s share s he had not accepted to sell it and the other 2 at ₤100 each.  Dr M. wrote Prendergaast and J. Mitchell to that effect – I wrote to Mills and S.L.B. to say that we wanted neither Lackey nor Goodchap – I fear that we shall lose Govt contracts by this – got letter from Fettow declining to take Bowrings places gave Symonds order for maps of Colo – met him on 17th and asked him to meet me on Saturday at 7.30 at McLeay St Drew pension – Lady Forbes at house – saw her home – the old lady very weak and failing fast – regretted that I spoke despairingly of some of her friends – wrote Dr M. left letter with present for Harley on his birthday at Lyon’s Terrace sent Finn ₤100 for purchase of 200 ac Lithgow.


18 Thursday


To Mittagong – two persons on visit to Bligh at Liverpool – empty carriage from there to Mittagong – Ruane met me with trap at 2 visited works – shafts down 39 & 24 feet – cottages up – paid Ruane ₤100 this makes ₤385 in all – exclusive of sums paid for interest to Lands Agent and expenses – on Friday started on horseback at 7 with Ruane – measured shafts etc – laid out line for fence – then on to Randals – visited Saw Mill and on to Railway at Big Hill – then to Starlings by McGlin’s and Williams – old couple killing pig – went round land – our land to west very rocky made no offer for Starlings, tho’ it is necessary to purchase – rode right over the 400 ac – saw some of Brereton’s[56] lands near Big Hole – very tired and went to bed at 9 – Ruane came in morning.  I gave him cheque for ₤100 and directed him to pay Allen ₤80 – making ₤200 paid to him on acct of shafts – saw builder and said he could get money on completion, Dr M. called on Sunday said John was to be in Sydney on 24th – Saywell[57] and said to him of me and S.L.B. that we were a bad lot.


22 Monday


Received on twentieth back in the Falls matter from Bensusan – he still owes me ₤10 – half for 40 c at K.T.L. – sent Allen on 19th to look at coal tunnel with view of driving into it – on return had several interviews with Dr M. and S.L.B. re South Coal – Mr Martin M.P. wrote to buy 2 shares for ₤200 – called on Dr M. – he paid ₤100 for taking 200 ac of Lithgow and wrote letter to Mr W. Martin – sent cheque for land to Finn wrote him Murrells and Martin M.P. with appointment for latter between 10 and 11 on Friday .  – Lambton called on Tuesday to meet him at Gaiety on Thursday at 8 to see opera of “Satanella” – to S.L.B. about the ₤300 – left deeds of 70 ac at Gate House.  Met Dr M. – Martin wrote for 2 shares in Colo Coal.


25 Thursday


Called on S.L.B. and Mills wrote Martin – went to opera with L. who liked it very much – (Satanella) W.F. Martin called at 10 ½ on 26th and gave cheque for ₤200 for 2 shares in Colo Coal – I explained matters to him – He suggested the other spare shares to be held for a good business man who might act as legal manager B.B. still holds back – hoping to save expense and reap a harvest that he has not sown – This day I certified for improvements on his 80 ac at Colo and sent cheque to Land Agent for ₤5.1 paid Dr M. ₤150 refund loan to Coal Company out of Martins ₤200 – wrote Bensusan and Mackenzie – Ruane sent Bulletin to Livy by Orient to Bowenfels – met Meeks and some travellers from Victoria and South Australia.  Also John Sutherland – on Sunday drove to Lithgow for J.S. and Mr Madox engineer of iron works – took them over land – saw Wallaroo – Grumpy [Campbell’s dog] chased him past us – Murrell took them back to Rosevere’s at 5pm.  Letter from Finn with receipt for ₤100 said he had to meet J.S. and would meet me after at Gap – wrote Dr M. with receipt – had empty carriage on return.  Grumpy killed a native cat – received letter from Ruane with account to 27th showing in his hands to credit of Compy  ₤115.17.


Allen called about shaft I refused to see him – wrote would not pay for more than 20 feet.  (There will probably be a row over this).  No letter from B.B. his policy is that of “Masterly silence”  Formerly I received notes daily urging to move in getting up Company – now no thanks for all my trouble – He expects to gain by holding back – 30th called twice on S.L.B. – out – met John Higgins – his share in Lithgow colliery to be sold – also his V.L.O.’s (Volunteer Land Order) at V. of C. – Dr M. called here – I was in Sydney.


31 Wednesday


Wrote Finn – went to Dr M. in evening – gave him vouchers (the last ₤100 by Ruane) and proposed that North should be admitted as shareholder of 4 shares – as he would get Dr Robertson[58] to start the Co with 10,000 capital Dr M. agreed with and that we must consult the other shareholders. – Called on J.M. in Hay St – left note as to receipts and payments – then to S.L.B. – and Queensland Bank – paid into latter ₤32 for 33 shares – 28 RBM 5 L.M.  S.L.B. negotiated two bills for ₤150 each at 3 + 4 months from 1st  + 4th June met Fletcher and Brewer. also met B.B.





2 Friday


On 31st May met Dr Robertson at North’s – he promised to visit S.C. and Tankersley at early date – wrote to L.L.B.  Dr M. and Mr P. proposing Tuesday next for meeting re Colo Coal – called on J. Mitchell and left with him account of receipts and disbursements in Coal and asked him to send on to Mr Martin – recd recrnd  – note from L.L.B.  One in four months from date – To Norrie about my tongue throat and ear – received letters from Livy and Dick – called on Curran engaged room for 6th at 12 – sent postcards to R.P. to Mitchell and B.B. met S.L.B. telegraphed to Ruane for accts received maps from Symonds – letters from Livy and Alice papers from Livy.


5 Monday


Meeting of Colo Coal Company on 6th at Currans – Mr M. in the chair – present J.M., S.L.B. and self – representing 12 out of 20 shares – accounts examined.  Dr M. produced vouchers.  It was decided to sell the only share unsold to Mr E. Vickery for ₤100 it was also determined to connect the mine to the other land by purchase of 190 ac between – also of 40 ac with large outcrop of Coal on river next the 60 ac. – In evening at the doctor’s house – J.M. there – considering prospectus when Dr M. has taken ill and we were sent to Limbo.


7 Wednesday


On Wednesday to Mittagong lot of Scotch in carriage claimed me as countryman.  One of them Mr Burridge? of Junee friend of Hammond to whom I sent my regards.


8 Thursday


On 8th Berrima with Ruane – took up 180 ac in my name 40 ac in Ruane – returned by 12 – at 1.50 started for Colo inspected fencing, cottages and shafts to late and wet to get to Coal Mine – postponed visit there till 17th – got sample of Joadja common coal – met Sheppard who has taken as CP 600 ac on East of Gate – returned by 7.45 train – telegraphed to North that I would meet Dr Robertson on Saturday.


10 Saturday


To Bowenfels – Tompson M.P. in carriage – met Myleckarian  Said he wd call but didn’t – Dawson in a camp near him where? – On Sunday visited iron working.  Clare Gardener called and dined! – with me – and ordered 100 apple trees – on 12th drove with M. to V. of C. met Wilson – he came after to Gap – walked over to see coal on Dr Fischer’s land – found the middle seam only proved. – I never saw the seam look better – no outcrop of clay band on the road – Wilson promised to send man to drive 10 yds into our two claybands – never yet worked together – telegraph to J. B. North and Dr Robinson – no reply.


13 Tuesday


On 13th called on A Brown[59] – out – saw Mrs and Miss B. told them wanted A.B. to join in fencing our Northern boundary line – met Miss B. at station – received ₤5 receipt for Rockfield.  Promised tenant to send him tank – on return met Piddington, Sutton and Perkins – had long talks on variety of subjects – Dr M. called this day.  I was out.

On 14 called on J.L.B. out – on Farmer – paid them – on Lassetter about broken candelabra – said they could mend – on Modine for toothfile – had none.  On Queensland Bank about Dicks 28 shares and advised me to apply to Head Branch for receipt.


15 Thursday


Wrote on 15th to Dr M. at 8 – got papers re Colo – said Vickery would pay me the money due – wrote Martin M.P. Mitchell M.P. S.L.B. and sent telegram to (Hunt?).  Balranald to make repairs and take Bowrings at 40 ₤ – wrote Finn – called to see tanks at Piddington – no good – sent papers by Frisco to Livy Dick and Sparling.


16 Friday


Called on S.L.B. went with him to Vickery who promised to pay the Dr ₤105 for one share in Colo – then to J. Mitchell – he out.  Then to Prendergast – saw him at top of Brewery – he wanted the statement of account which I sent same evening.  Symonds called with plan – ordered fresh copy – received telegram from Finn – North and Dr R. there – sent letter to Dick with transfer of Queensland Bank shares – by P&O S.S. Peshawier also wrote Livy – Mann wrote Dick – Lambton called in evening – telegraphed Ruane that I could not go to Mittagong and asked for reports received telegram from Fity Hunt that repairs of Bowrings place would cost ₤35.


19 Monday


To Pfahlert in evening with Lambton – left prospectus with S.L.B. wrote Ruane and sent him ₤25 – heard of coal discovery near road.  In evening to see the Simonseno in “The Hermits Cell” – met Bligh and a lot of others at Currans – ordered beer and whisky – met J. Mitchell read him the prospectus in evening to Dr M.  S.L.B. came there and we finally settled form of prospectus – Dr M. paid Vickery’s cheque for ₤105.  Met North and Dr Robertson – the Dr wants to see Lithgow and the iron with some friend from England – North is trying to get his hand on it – he and Dr R. went to Megalong and camped there with Finn – could not find where my section was taken.


21 Wednesday


This day placed prospectus in hands of Solimon to print 30 copies for owners, wrote Martin that I cd not go South this week – sent Bowden receipt of ₤25 for Bowrings place – called with S.L.B. on Dawson re Albots plaintiff gave instructions to defend -23rd received 30 prospectuses from Soliman and posted 6 to S.L.B. 3 to Dr M. do to R.P. do W.F.M.


23 Friday


Met Dr R. at 10 agreed to go with him to Tankersley on Monday – telegraphed to Murrells – also to Martin to know if he and J.M. could go this evening or tomorrow morning to Colo.  Martin replied naming this (23rd) evening – agreed – must return on 24th so as to keep Dr R.’s appointment.  (Sent off 5 telegrams on the subject) – called on S.L.B. introduced Richardson to see new camp – on North left note for Dr R. “Kelly Hotel” North Shore – sent Wm Simpson  ₤1 for care of Wattamolla – B.B. had paid  ₤1 insurance for same – bought 400 gal tank for Schofield cost ₤5 2.6 – from Robinson 67 Sussex St – also coat for Murrell cost  ₤1.6.6 – called on Ramsay re sale of land to V. of C. – to call again on Tuesday – he says that Saywell and his man stand in the way – wrote Alice by Orient S.S. Liguria –

To Mittagong by mail train on Friday with Martin and J. Mitchell Tennyson Smith of Sydney Punch with us – got beds at Gibsons and early on Saturday started for mine – drove in Ruane’s buggy to first shaft – Young Draper was there with three horses – left buggy rode on inspected both cottages and shafts – reached mine at 11.20 – made fire and went badly at first.  Then went into tunnel afterwards to section on River.  This appeared to surprise them.  Got back at 6 dined and visited Ruane met Longmore, paid Ruane  ₤10 for Colo and  ₤3 for horses.  Martin paid hotel bill.  By mail on Monday to Sydney, got in to cab for home and started at once for train to West.  Dr Robertson in train – very tired 10 hours in train South and West.


29 Thursday


At Lithgow met Dr R.’s friend W. Radford a rich carpetman – then to Tankersley rested for a few minutes and up the hill to see iron workings – the two bands of ore had not been worked together so none seen to disadvantage.  Dr R. said the ore was good – advised me to get the Iron Company to work it.  On 27 in buggy to V. of C. went round outcrop on Browns road – then to shaft Halls Gap Dr R. and W.B. returned to Sydney by 12-20 train.  Commenced upper coal seam of 29 found seam in one hour – returned on 29th.

Dr R. called on 30th showed him my section – wants to by share in Lithgow and Southern coal also Pulpit Hill Cannel.  To Dr M. in evening Sir J. (or I.) R.’s daughter there – paid Davies tailor posted papers to Livy and Dick by P&O Malinda.  Wrote Finn and Ruane on 3rd to S.L.B. about new Directors – then to B.B. he agreed to sell Murray ½ share for  ₤50 – then to Martin – out – wrote note – then to J. Mitchell – out – wrote  Dr M. asking for 1 or ½ share in Colo – received letters of introduction from Martin to Murray and Alderman Taylor – called on North at 12.50 to meet Dr R. – not there – (Radfords name T. Tempest Radford of the Birmingham Art Society) 4 times called on Murray of Gills, Brightfold, out – on Alderman Taylor – out – on Mullens – saw him – gave him prospectus of Colo and proposed Directory – he said he would take them home and consider – received – Dr M. called ₤20 sent receipts Queensland Bank – wrote Murrells – Ruane – Dr M. (2) Symonds called – received letter from Dr R. – called on North – met Bligh G. Ranken “Capri”  called on me.





5 Wednesday


Called on Murray and Taylor – out – then to J. Mitchell – saw him and also William Carrera – appointed meeting of Colo Company at 3 on 6th at Phalects wrote S.L.B. B.B. P.P. and called on Dr M. in evening – he said my sore throat was from the stomach.


6 Thursday


Bought 49 ac 2 r (rood) M.C.P. at Bowenfels sent cheque for  ₤24.1s to Finn – paid in Dr M. cheque 20 ₤ for call – called on Martin – he with me to Murray who paid  ₤52.10 for ½ a share in Colo and Cab.  Meeting at 3 – present Vickery, J. Mitchell, Dr M. Martin, Murray – arranged not to ask for cash dined with Dick ‘s friend Philbern.


7 Friday


7th met Martin by appointment at 11 called on Mullens who refused to act as he had Colorado silver company and a carrier company in hand – then to Curtis who is to write to Martin at 3 – received  ₤50 Taylors half share – to B.B. he objected to sell ½ share unless under conditions – he also refused to pay the cab – until the CY was floated! – Amended prospectus at Dr M.’s in evening – wrote S.L.B., Martin, Dr M wrote R.P. – handed over to Dr M policy of insurance in Mutual for ₤120 on cottages at Colo – to Tankersley by 9am train.


9 Sunday


Young Hills (son of architect) and boyfriend in carriage – whisky galore – the boy took enough to make two men drunk – Porter chemist Lithgow also in carriage – Murrells told me a strange story for which see memo in beginning of this notebook.


10 Monday


At 1 am Finn and his friend Myleckarian woke me up – very cold night – Sat up until 4 am they got very drunk and tumbled into same bed – slept until 10 on Sunday morning – after breakfast inspected coal workings – Kearns had opened in shaft one iron workings about 18ft of coal – some of it very god – burns well – this discovery doubles the value of the Tankersley property – now over 420 ac in extent – M M left when he thought the whiskey was out PF remained and asked for a loan of  ₤25 cheque not to be sent to bank!  PF went with me on 10th to V of C found boundaries – Wilson there – meeting of Colo Company on 12 at 3.30 at Phalects – present Dr M. W.F.M. J.M. S.L.B. – appointed a corpus of 4 to arrange matter – told them we owed one agent Ruane  ₤5.3.1 – Have been very ill for the last week – wrote Finn with authority to present cheque for  ₤25 – received telegram from Ruane about close for Starlings.


To S.L.B. re Colo – then to see Wilkinson Govt geologist re coal – He said samples were good – top anthracite – bottom good bituminous coal – would mix well – promised to go and see place but not report – gave my address and looked over specimens of coal and iron in museum at Garden Palace – drew 16 ₤ from Building Society – paid Farmer and left the broken bronze candlestick at Lassetters to be mended.  Vic called on 13th sent paper to Livy by P + O Suttey “Mail” and letter to Murrells with a ₤4 for Kearns – wrote Dr re V of C lands – met Turnbull of Emu Plains – showed me coal from Meryla – 20 shares of  ₤100 each – he hold 2.  It’s got up by Andrew Armstrong and others. With Turnbull to WF Martin – saw specimens – very good promised him to get half share for Milne.  Dr M bought Starlings 40 ac for ₤200 Finn returned cheque for ₤25 –


17 Monday


17th Mills signed pension – promised to pay interest on ₤2000 – then to S.L.B. re B.B. then to Treasury – drew pension –


18 Tuesday


Then to meet Ruane – he lunched with me at Royal – after met Martin – who proposed visit with Taylor, Milne to Colo – then met Jackson – his Company U.P.  To library then to Turners – bought book for old lady – then to Phalerts – after met Deane and told him to read Lang’s “Botany Bay” – then home.


19 Wednesday


The dear old lady’s birthday 82 years of age – born 1800.  Dr Kyngdom paid me first visit – said I had ulcer in the tongue – prescribed 2 medicine and a lotion – Martin writes three letters a day – all about nothing – He wants to buy me out of the company and get two of his friends in – I have left off answering his notes – On 22nd to Tankersley by 9 am train – Combes Wilton, Johnstone and after James Norton in carriage – heard many good stories from Coombes – Norton said he was at school with Sir J Martin and John Lange – On Sunday went for long walk over Northern end of lands and to coal workings – returned Tuesday at 12.20 Piddington only – told good story of deputation to Colonial Minister by three colonists Wentworth, Smart and _____ all of whom squinted. On their departure.  Lord A the minister asked the secretary if all Australians had a similar appearance – he says that Greenwood (late MP) took opium and drank that he had left the Herald and was now on Telegraph staff – 27th left all the papers of Colo Company with S.L.B. he is to send me a receipt – wrote Dr M to send vouchers – sent Livy draft for  ₤66 – being Building shares and Mercantile – Met J Mitchell – said the trustees intended to bring an action against BB – my health still bad – Dr K called on me 2nd time on Wed 26th.  Heard to my disgust from Murrells that his wife was within two months of her confinement I said “Why you’ll have two babies” he replied cannot help that – nice look out for me! – Dr M called on 29th says the ulcer should be canterised – “The sore is to severe to admit healing by first intentions, it will fester and gangrene, and will require caustic and the actual cautery before emollients can be used with safety”.


26 Wednesday


Dr K called 3rd time on 29th  – said I was going away on Wednesday wrote to Dr M. and Allardice on 30th proposing two new companies – to Dr M. North Colo Company 30 shares of  ₤100 each – 10 to Dr 6 to C.M. 14 to be offered at  ₤50 cash  ₤50 in 6 months – would give  ₤700 for taking lands and  ₤700 for boring for coal – to A.A. Proprietry company to open coal at Gate House Western Line – 30 shares at  ₤100 each to take up 640 ac – apply to mine under Reserve and secure coal under adjoining lands at a royalty of 6d a ton – Received 31st July dividend on 45 shares.  Queensland Bank L Mitchell  ₤10.10.5 and on 228 shares RBM  ₤52.18.4.


29 Saturday


On August 1 Dr K called – 4th time.  Then to Dr M. got his receipts and vouchers re Colo Company and handed them over to S.L.B. got his receipt and sent it on to Dr M. – sent S.L.B. land receipts for the 420 ac and receipts for subdivision fees received – rent from Bowden wrote him with cheque for ₤12.2 (₤10 for repairs Bowrings and ₤2 2 for Dick’s subscription to Paika School).  Wrote Hunt with receipt – met John Mackenzie going to dine with Moore of Botanical Gardens –


31 Monday


June 2 left deeds of Sand Box with Curran as security for loan of  ₤640 for taking lands at Colo – he did not see Neale of City Bank holds deeds in mean time – I therefore put off journey to Mittagong wrote Ruane and Murrell’s – sent ₤8.76 to Ferguson for fruit trees – left receipts for 420 ac Colo with Bensusan – bought side of bacon for Tankersley + tea telegraphed to Ruane and Curran.





2 August


Called on Curran – out – met Edward – Hale – Irving etc The P.M. of Coonabarabran has made a fool of himself and will lose his billet – am sorry for his brother Edwards – In evening to Curran – again – out at a meeting – stove and candlestick arrived from Lassetter – wrote Dr M. re South Coal – sent him Ruane’s letters (2) To S.L.B. that (C.M.) I had told Ruane to discharge Roberts – am uncertainty about getting the lands West and North of our 400 acres – the best Coal lands in the district – make me very sad – and ashamed of my poverty –


4 Friday


To Bowenfels on 6th.  J Way (draper?) and Borthwick (painter George St) in carriage – both in gold mining ventures – met Finn at Mt Victoria.  He came on to Lithgow promised to send telegram to E. Evans Inspector of C.P.’S but forgot to do so – he came over on Sunday evening – On Sunday went with M to see top seam of station – was covered with debris – the small seam on top looked well – (6in coal – band 2 in then coal 3 ft).


6 Sunday


Fruit trees arrived on Thursday (Aug 3rd) commenced planting cherries and plums on Aug 7th apples on Tuesday 8th Went with Finn to V. of C. lands in snow storm – met Kearns showed him boundaries and position for opening top seam – to begin this week – 10/per day for himself + 8/ for mate until coal reached – left Finn at Lithgow – he returned early next morning.  In evening sent him home in cart – on Thursday to Clare’s Garden at South Bowenfels – very rough place – trees look well tho very much crowded – ordered for delivery on 14th 25 apples – 6 pears 4 yrs at 7/- 6 cherries do – planting 7/ Finished planting Fergusons trees on Thursday Aug 10 except the currant trees which should have been planted first – Went with Kirkwood shooting – saw two Wallaroos but poor Grumpy spoilt the sport – told Kirkwood to make the steps – two Wallaroos mother and kid appeared on 10th under the rocks near garden – Murrells chased the kid for some distance.


On Friday took Murrells over boundaries so that he could pint them out to Inspector Evans – we then made up accts M. wanted more wages for past 6 months – said Gray gave him potatoes!  Forgot I had given him suit of clothes – blanket and top coat besides sundries – Expressed my mind to him very freely but being hurried for time I had to give him besides his wages ₤17 – ₤5 to Mrs M. and hired him for 3 months promising  ₤5 per ac extra – he came on Thursday Aug 4th but said it was the 3rd.  Had to gallop old Charley to meet 12.20 train on 11th Engine driver saw me and waited – met John Mackenzie and a friend a mining engineer at Lithgow they got out at Mt Victoria.


12 Saturday


On 12th saw Curran and ordered cask of beer and doz of Walker – C. cried off about lands south he said he would return my deeds of Sand Box on Monday – mem to leave off dealing with him and Thompson –

Met J. Mitchell and S.L.B. – said Colo matters were settled and B.B. had promised to sign – forgot to mention that in train on 11th I met R. Pitt surveyor – he told me that Meeks and Co had taken up lands East of K.T.L. and – coal had been found there in a gully – + that Pike and Co. had applied for Reserve next Gate House.  I told him to advise them to take up 640 ac behind my 70 acres – said he would write to me.  Pitt said my 40 ac on K.T.L. was very good and that Hordern would buy –


15 Tuesday


On 15 met Allardice at Phalerts – he introduced me to Inglis a Victorian who wished to invest in coal – in evening to Dr M. – signed paper giving him half interest in V. of C. Lands and he gave cheque for ₤320 to be invested in improvements on the 287 ac at V. of C. – he also agreed to discount a bill for ₤320 of 4 months to purchase 640 ac at Colo.  In the meantime I pay for said lands and receive the amount of P.N. when discontinued.  We go to Colo on 16th to take up the 640 ac and see Starlings – saw Fletcher – to call on 16th to Allardice that my reserve on the 70 acres at Gate House was ₤20 per ac.  Met Lying Brown – said he had a Coal spec at Marulan (2000 ac) and showed me section – seam very like Colo – asked him about the Cannel business at the Isolated [Mount Solitary] – he denied having sold to Saddington! 


16 Wednesday


Drew ₤330 for 640 ac lands and expenses signed Trust deed at S.L.B.’s transferring my lands at Colo to the trustees of the Company sent telegram to Ruane that Dr M. and I would be at Mittagong this evening and at Starlings tomorrow.


20 Sunday


Trip to Mittagong


Met Dr M. at station on 16th took 5.25 train – Docker of Post Office in carriage – he got out at Macquarie Fields – Ruane met us at Mittagong.  The Gibsons old patients of the Doctors at 8.30 on Thursday started with Gibsons House – Ruane driving for Berrima – got there before office open – saw clerk (Wiltshire away) and took up 400 ac in my name of 240 ac in Dr M.’s name – returned to Mittagong at 12 – had luncheon and started for Colo at 1 – inspected improvements at Gate and Govt siding – then on by Terry’s to Starlings inspected orchard – level on G.R. took sundry glasses with the Starlings and then returned reaching Mittagong at 6.50.  – Dr M. settled with Ruane and paid him commission of 5 per cent on Starlings purchase also ₤200 for the 40 ac.  Longmore and Roberts called and I took them to Drapers – Dr M. returned by mail on Friday – Ruane Roberts Longmore and I went on horseback via Longmore’s coal to our workings in the River – found that Robert’s is an impostor – had not opened coal as directed – I authorised Ruane to open both seams at ₤10 – I paid Ruane ₤3.10 Gibson ₤2.2 – servants 5/ – fares ₤2.10 – felt very ill after work on 18th on horseback for 12 hours – 21st Cab to Bensusan – away at Melbourne – then to Fletchers he ground down the tooth – had this been before – much misery saved – paid him ₤20.0 met Smith appointed Wedy at 11 at Phalerts to meet him – them to Johnson at markets – ordered trees and seeds – posted letter to Ferguson re trees then to WF Martin – got his permission to expand ₤9 in opening coal for the report of Wilkinson[60] – showed him letter re Backhouse’s declaration and explained my letter with sketch showing work required.  Told him that the Colo name to this siding should be obtained .  In evening (21st) Lambton called then to Dr M. – signed P.N. for ₤327 at 4 months – this is to pay for lands (640 ac) taken up on Thursday – and Dr M. has to pay half – remained at home 22nd – wrote Finn Wilkinson – Farmer – Kearns Johnson – Ruane Symonds for Thursday.


28 Monday


In evening Vic called – Mem:  Gave him ₤1.  I gave him model of ship in tin case – received letters from Livy by P&O Martin – Murrells – to Sydney on Thursday 24 July paid in to bank ₤320 Dr M.’s cheque drew ₤27.  ₤20 draft to Livy cost ₤20.3.6 and ₤6.16.6 for expenses – then to John Johnson paid him for the pear trees – plums – vines and seeds – then to Farmer – to _____ bought tin and rat poison – to Lands Office – saw _____ who told me to state my case in writing.  Farnel with him – lunched at Compagn and home – in evening came Lambton and Symonds


30 Wednesday


On 25th Dr K. called and at 4.30 held consultation with his son – both recommended me to see Dr McKellar – received letter from Miss Horner wrote Ruane and Wiltshire P.M. – wrote Livy with draft for ₤20.



31 Thursday


On August 26 to Bowenfels very ill on road – found trees all planted – steps badly done by Kirkwood – Finn came in evening.  Next morning Mc Mullons came – to drive tunnel 25 yards.  West of north in bottom seam on Halls Gap Road at 15/ – pre yard 8ft wide by 10ft high.  Permission to mine for ironstone at 3d Royalty – On return met Hughes who intends to tender for clay band at 11/- had two dreadful nights at Tankersley – wrote asking Mackenzie to call – Dr K. paid first visit 29th Aug – wrote Kyngdom? Martin – Bensusan and Thompson for 2 port 1 colonial – Dr called 30.31.1  Bought Iron and Coal Industries 2/2/ – wrote Ruane – Dr M wrote Wilkinson and Martin wrote Finn to get tunnel driven West of North to SW corner of Wilsons 40 ac –





3 – 4 Sunday


5 Tuesday


Wrote Mc Mullen – Kearnes and Skinner for candlestick.


6 Wednesday


Candlestick arrived.


7 Thursday


Martin and Mitchell called with Dr M. – wrote Ruane – Letter from S.L.B. replied.


8 Friday


Very slightly better – still almost too weak to get up to bed – S.L.B. called, paid him Loan No 1, No 2 Due October 4 – Opening of St Marys


9 Saturday


Dr M. sent physic – did not call this day


10 Sunday


Dr M. called


11 Monday


Wrote Hurley care of Shepphard about Coal – no reply


12 Tuesday


Dr M. called began Mercury – Wilkinson and S.L.B. to Colo to report –


13 Wednesday


Letters from S.L.B. – he got B.B. to make the declaration on necy indemnity! – began sarsparilla – Mercury in morning


14 Thursday


Dr M. called


15 Friday


Letters from McMullen


16 Saturday


Dr M. called (Meba to Bell[61] advertised – a sad great victory by English in Egypt) – Mrs Mac called bought flowers – Mam wrote Livy by Sonata – I sent two Bulletins.


17 Sunday


Still taking mercury – rather old for this kind of treatment


18 Monday


Dr M. called – fresh medicine more pills – to send for ointment – letter from Hurley – post card from Finn – wrote Boland re 70 ac at Gate House – also Finn – McMullen[62] to drive NNW.


19 Tuesday


Vic called – it appears that Meba was married at Registry last January – and kept the secret until it was no longer possible – her father and Vic quite disgraced – she is the talk of the town – her father never leaves home now – Bell and wife are living in Wynyard Square – wrote Finn and S.L.B.


21 Thursday


Edwards called at 8pm.  G.F.M.[63] fell into a hole at Rushcutters Bay nearly broke her arm – Dr Maclean attending – a godsend for him.


22 Friday


Exhibition building totally destroyed by fire at 6 o’clock this morning – S.L.B. called on 23rd


23 Saturday


Sent papers to L.M. and letter by Curzo with 2nd for ₤20 and statement of account and account showing investments in Blanches and in Redbank Estate – account showed that I had sent ₤26.4 too much – Dr M. said if disease did not yield to mercury that it might turn out cancer – a very serious affair.


25 Monday


Out.   first time for 4 weeks to barber got haircut and shaved to Bank drew ₤5 to Library got De Quincey – drove to ruins of Garden Palace – to Pearce sent telegraph to Dick and Miss H.  To Forster bought Bimbi – got bottle of oyster – wrote Ruane – ordered coals.


26 Tuesday


Postcard from Finn – letter from Murrells with receipt for cheques ₤5 and ₤1.13 for Finn.


27 Wednesday


Met Wilson[64] of V. of C. [Vale of Clwydd] offered 2 lots at V. of C. ₤120 – 33 ft each – called on Ebblewhite – he said Ramsey was anxious to get the Company to buy me out – at Currens with Wilson – took first glass of porter since illness – Dr M. – called – had visit from Mr Hamilton Engineer nephew of Douglas – says he has worked in claybound ironstone – to call again – wrote Mc Mullen.


29 Friday


Second visit to town – to Bensusans – away at Melbourne – took oyster dinner and glass of porter at Phalects – then to Ramsays – out – bought 5 bot ale 6 ditto porter at William St – also honey – pd 12/6 ditto to 2/ for fish –  shaved.


30 Saturday


Dr M. called – throat not so well – wrote Finn to seek tenant for Clifton late Tankersley – at ₤1 per week unfurnished with 100 ac sent Bowden Oliver’s letter re tree grant Balranald.





1 Sunday


Walked out – not at all well – throat worse – pain in face almost continuous – saw comet in the east at 4.50am a grand site – saw it from old lady’s window – it was her 3rd view of it –


2 Monday


Dr M. called – left off caustic – got very good plan of garden from Murrells.


3 Tuesday


To Sydney – called on Mills (at auction sale) on S.L.B. paid my P.N. and received ₤59.6.10 company share of sale of Falls lots – on John Mann – out – at Currens[65] had glass beer – got merc. Sol from Collins lunched Coffee P – No II 1/3  


4 Wednesday


Dr M. called – wrote Murrell set receipt to Sparke – wrote S.L.B. re “Colo” station name – the Mill and selling lots – to continue mercury.


5 Thursday


To the Dr – got physic – showed Mc Mullens section – then to Mills – got his name to papers sent by Frisco mail to Livy, with papers to Dick, Livy Miss H and Sparling – heard that Want had paid rent in full – saw Alderman Carter[66] – specimen of shale good – saw Campbell about chairs – met Smith Broadhurst called – Long talk with Mann re Meba!  Mem. Lent Lady Forbes Rupert Godwin by Braddon.


7 Saturday


Got two months pension – then got registry of my brand – to pay 5/ met Thomas Hale[67] – to write to him on return – bought coat, bag, and tie at David Jones ₤2 – paper etc 3/ – Hard Cash 2/6.


On 7th to Bowenfels Porter Chemist of Lithgow – in carriage found all well at Clifton trees budding out of oats up – rain much wanted – M. has sunk two good water holes – have now over 5ft of water in each – Finn came on mare on Sunday – wanted me to keep the mare along with my stallion!  I refused politely.  He left on Monday – I gave him 3/ to register Grumpy – saw Inspector Evans at Lithgow – he made inspection on 9th improvements met with his approval – have to send him account of expenditure – visited tunnel at Browns Gap – muched pleased with the seam – gave Mc Mullen ₤10 on account also agreed for 100 yards at 15/ – to be 6ft in clear – went to see work at Halls Gap on Thursday and told Kearne and mate (at day work 10/ each from Oct 12) had done two days previously to drive into top seam 6ft high and 8ft broad – sent them my iron barrow gave directions about skip – Wilson lends wheels – we buy frame –


11 Wednesday


To the Falls on Thursday John M. got in at Mt Clarence and out at Mt Victoria – met at Lithgow Wilson, Higgs, Hughes and Dunlop store keeper – the last asked for my price for Clifton.  I said ₤12 per acre for the 420 ac – ₤1000 cash – promised to let him know when I returned – At Falls met Wright cashier of Union bank and Hordern of Pitt St – Wright returned with me on Friday as far as Granville – he was going on visit to Doctor at Denham Court – arrived in Sydney at 6.20 with coal specimens and radishes the first produce of my garden – I had given Wilson of Falls two bundles and two bottles of milk John M. returned by same train but did not sit in same carriage –


14 Saturday


Chairs repaired by Campbell charge 15/.  Mem to pay nothing as they were loose when bought – On 16th to Dr M. – met John M. – had reported against our application for road to V. of C. – I wrote to Minister same day – Dr M. and Dr looked at my tongue – advised more mercury – to attend 17th for further diagnosis – called on North – said his son spoke of V. of C. North – said his father would likely take it up


15 Sunday


Dr M. and Dr _ looked at my tongue – advised more mercury – to attend 17th for further diagnosis – called on North – saw his son – spoke of V. of C.  North said his father not likely to take it up –


16 Monday


Met Wright with him to Pfahlects – had ale – met Bate – long talk – proposed loan of ₤500 on Gate House 70 ac – On Mullens about transfer, of Dicks 28 shares Q.N. to Livy – M. says we must get rid of S.L.B. before we can float Colo!


17 Tuesday


Used Eno’s salt for first time – left script.  Queensland National 28 new shares Dick to Livy together with transfer with Mullens paid him 12/6 stamp duty – On S.L.B. out – On Thompson ordered 2 doz Colonial 1 doz Walker – 1 doz sherry – arrived 19th bought Mitchell on cancer and Dr Druits Vade – mercury –


18 Wednesday


Am now sure I have cancer on the tongue – cause – cut by sharp tooth – neglected – caution to others. 


19 Thursday


Believing that my time now short – made sundry efforts to realise on investments – saw Mills – to send him particulars – he agreed to act as my executor – said perhaps.  Dr M. might also act – S.L.B. has two deeds of mine on which he has no lieu – 50 ac + 20 ac at Gate House, near Katoomba – he has also deed 3 roods King’s Table Land – in which he has one half interest that is on the last only – called on Stenning? Offered him one in coal (1/4) for £500 – open until 26th – To L. & B. – out – to Mills out – met B.B. + spoke! – met Mrs Tom – also Adams – called on Dr M. – tried in vain to realize – letters from Dick to self and to old lady


22 Sunday


On 21st to Bowenfels – rained all the way Buchanan in carriage – got home dry – garden looked well – on Monday Dr M. Mackenzie and Harley came from Lithgow station in my cart – dined, went home dry 3.30 train – on 24th I visited works at the Gaps – On Wednesday wet


On Thursday Drs + H. drove over breakfasted and we all drove in my cart to Lithgow.  The Dr bought 213 acres East of the 687 ac.  We have now 900 ac – after drove over and inspected work agreed to let McMullen have ₤10 to start the iron workings on road at Halls Gap.  The Dr agreed to let Kearns have 3 acres to clear at ₤10 per ac – drove home and dined – the Doctor picking up at station his second son after dinner they started home in their own traps.  Finn stayed Wednesday and Thursday – On Friday we drove with me to Halls Gap and paid Kearns ₤12 for 12 days work for himself and mate – I now owe him 3 days on 27 and 28 he was clearing and was to begin at new tunnel on Monday Oct 30 gave him 3 ac to clear and stump at ₤10/ac – went by 12.20 train to the Falls to meet Reynolds – rained – returned to Sydney by 2.50 train on Saturday – the old lady was saddened on hearing that I was worse instead of better – The cancer extending visibly – To have consultation at the Drs house on Oct 30th – Drs Jones and Watkins called at 11 – Jones made a thorough exam – advised me to take iodide of potassium in larger quantities said he had known of recovery in worse cases would not say for certain what it was whether cancer or not – heard of Wilkinson’s report on Colo – most unfair to analyse coal under an earthy covering – called on Cole the mesmerist – out until Tuesday Nov 7th called on Slate – he examined my mouth – said teeth did not touch the ulcer – to meet his friend a celebrated surgeon for opinion re cancer – received offer of ₤7 per ac for 70 ac at Gate house from Reynolds[68] and offered same to Thompson – met Bate – he had oysters with me – telegraphed to Boland offering land at ₤10 called and offered same to Withers – reply on Thursday – consumed iodide – also Clarke’s Blood Mixture – Mrs Murrells had daughter Sunday 29 Oct – got deeds from S.L.B. – Note Intended to write Dick and Livy by Frisco Mail but prevented by severe attack of neuralgia – must wait for P&O  Delays are dangerous.


26 Thursday


Called by appointment at Slates Wynyard Square – he introduced me to his distinguished friend who turned out to be a very second rate young man Dr Kingsbury of New York – I saw it was a case of do and was glad to get off by payment 2 guineas – one to each!  So much for Mrs A.’s recommendations K. evidently thought it was a hopeless case of cancer – called S.L.B. out then Whithers re 70 ac to call again – then to Bate out – he wrote offer of ₤8 from Reynolds long terms – sent advert of Tankersley to Mercury and Herald by Frisco to Dick Livy and Sparling.  Mrs Wise called and advised me to see Moore of Elisabeth St and Cole – she said the absence of fetid breath was in favour of a cure – saw Stenning re coal – he promised to reply by Saturday – On 3rd called on Dr Moore Homeopathist – he said most decidedly that I was suffering from cancer advised vegetable diet – to try electric shock bath on 4th query can I stand a shock?  Told Bates to accept Reynolds offer of ₤8 per ac for 76 ac half cart bal in 3 + 6 months advertised Tankersley in Mercury and Herald at $12 per ac Stenning to call Monday.


7 Tuesday


Took bath on Saturday and ordered five baths for ₤2 – had headache during day – met Hurley, Brown Mills, Hurley to see me about south coal wrote Dr M. that I had left off taking medicine – had garden done and fowl house cleaned.


8 Wednesday


Another letter from Bate re 70 ac Mem next bath Wednesday – Flateau called – signed will at Norries – 4th Nov 5th Nov arranged papers in envelopes.  L.M.’s R.B.M.’s – Dr M.’s – Tankersley showing when payments must be made to Treasury – wrote (5th) to Mills – Bate – B.B. re Wattamolla – 6th received letters from Murrells and McMullen wrote Murrells – sent him ₤5 on account Mrs Mac called – constipated and ill – couldn’t write home – Stenning came at 8 – offered ₤720 for half share in the 1080 ac said I would consult the Dr – wrote him – wrote Finn – letter from Simpson.  Pt Hacking and Mrs Young of Burwood says notice of cancer cure in T + C [Town & Country] of Nov 4th.  Bate offered ₤7 cash per acre for the 70 ac or ₤7.10 by bill.


11 Saturday


Dr M. called – wrote Dick by the P&O S.S. Ancona wrote also Mrs Young.  Mc Mullen with ₤15 – Kearns – paid rent 8 – had second bath – Moore said I was better – called on Bate – out – on Mills – out – Symonds came on 7th paid ₤3 on account and ordered three maps – saw Stenning said he would go to Doctors on Tuesday or Wednesday next – throat very sore – 9th Drs Milford and MacLean operated on Jessie’s arm today – she was placed under chloroform in presence of Mrs Murray – Milford had to use great force in straightening the arm – no pain at time – took opiates at night – Milford looked at my mouth – said ulcer was ragged – would give no opinion – wrote Dr McK. re 900 ac and Stenning – also Bate on Saturday 11th took third electric bath at Moores.  He begun to burn out the cancer with sulphuric acid – very painful – feel that I cannot go through with it.  The shock has made me feel weaker and worse.  Ordered 5 fresh baths – met Bate – Lambton called – Marsh called on Sunday.


15 Wednesday


The Orient S.S. Austral went down at Neutral Bay on Saturday 11th.  On Tuesday 14 took 4th electric bath – Moore gave some Nevalenta? for porridge – very nourishing he says – got more physic – says I am better.  On 15th to meet Stenning at Mackenzies at 9.  S. paid ₤100 deposit for one half share in 1080 ac at Colo balance ₤620 to be paid Dec 1st.  My bill for ₤320 due Dec 24 to be paid out of this – Mack thinks I am worse – On 16th Bate paid me ₤465.10 for 70 ac Gate House bought by (R.H.), Reynolds for ₤7 per ac.


17 Friday


Took fifth bath at Moore – he said I was better – I promised him a lot of land in mountains if he effected a cure – called on B.B. offered him ₤300 for 3 share Colo ½ Wattamolla – said he would consider.  To Tankersley on 18th saw Cole on 16 – said I had disease of the kidney! blood in a bad state – advised to use electric bath – Mackenzie called and promised to buy 200 ac Jude (under) at V. of C. – we shall then have 1100 ac!


19 Sunday


To Hills on 18th met Reynolds at station – Smith at Lithgow Bate and Muston at Katoomba Reynolds and Smith stayed at Tankersley till Monday at 6 visited iron on Saturday also Sunday morning – at 2 went to see coal next V. of C.  Astonished lamed the horse – had to walk to station.


20 Monday


I visited works on 21st Tunnel in 60 yards work going ahead at Hall’s Gap – Mc Mullen came to me on Wednesday – visited iron – Vic came from Mt Victoria but was afraid of the dog and went back without seeing me.


On Thursday to Halls Gap met Wilson, Maddock and P. Finn – asked them to Tankersley Sunday fortnight returned to Sydney 23rd carriage full of ladies – I was very ill during this trip – wrote to Livy 21st .


22 Wednesday


To Doctor Moore on 24th had bath and got ulcer burnt – again on Tuesday and bath on Friday Dec 1st commenced taking Chio Turps (pills) on Nov 28th – Dr Brereton called and saw me and promised to consult with Moore which he did.


On 29th he and Moore say there is every chance of recovery after the recovery of Sandy McKellar whose case was quite as bad as my case – he has been given over by the allopath when Moore took him in hand and cured him in six months – Moore advised me to take short excursions to Burwood, North Shore etc and to keep the mind easy – have not tasted meat for six weeks eat very well of meal and vegetable – Have not drank any liquor not smoked for three months Marsh – Mr and Mrs Wise, the Rankins, Bennetts Mrs Scott and others made kind inquiries sometimes send milk – cream jellies beef tea and fish.


26 Sunday


On 29th met Stenning at Dr McKenzies and settled Currabectine Matter.  Stenning paid the doctor ₤620 (in all ₤720) for his half share in 1080 acres of land – Dr Mc. and Dr Watting after Stenning left looked at my tongue – both shook their heads and they acknowledged at last that it was cancer – Our map of coal lands at Vale of Clwydd is now with McDonel the agent of V. of C. Coal Company – we want ₤9000 for the 900 acres – very cheap at the price – I now have 6 men at work at Browns Gap – 6 ditto at Halls Gap and 3 men at Tankersley[69] – making necessary improvements on the M.C.P.s


Polling on 30th for East Sydney


Reid                  3045

Barton   2948

Griffiths 2365

McElhone          2307!

Parkes  2080!

Renwick            1651

Green               676


Great rejoicing – “it is a damned world” (Manfred)


30 Thursday


Sent a map to the V. of C. on 28th (cow calved on 29th heifer calf) – Symonds called with his son – a fine boy of 6 – paid Symonds ₤3 for map – have now paid him ₤12 sent him 1 ton of our coal – received 3 tons 2 grss of our Lithgow coal – it looks well the cook say it is “gute” – Dr M. received 1 ton and rest given to Joseph Mitchell ordered suit of clothes from Davies!  Finn has never written to thank me for ₤10 sent to him last month – he makes a practise of never acknowledging receipt of money – There must be some dodge about this.  To doctor on 6th December then to North left plan – to call Friday.





3 Sunday


To Dr Moore on 8th met Dr McK. and Bligh. On 9th to Bowenfels and met Wilton at Lithgow rained Sunday and Monday to works on 12th Tunnel in 75 yards – coal A 1  directed Mc Mullen to make drain at 5/ – per yard – visited Halls Gap – stopped work at tunnel and commenced shaft on 13th December.


On 13th visited coal workings at Tankersley coal much improved in drive?  On Thursday 14th attended election at Hartley voted for Sheppherd – he introduced me to Father Petra (hard Petra) and ordered champagne.  At Hughes hotel I took only soda – met Andrew and John Brown canvassing for G.H. Lloyd – when recording my vote was asked to make declaration a great insult must find out name of the scrutineers – Finn was canvassing for Sheppherd at Hartley – remained at home on Friday 15th felt benefited by the change of air – took laudanum for first time on 11th Dec.


8 Friday


On Saturday 16th went again to Halls Gap – met Finn arranged about the fence – at Eskbank met Wilson – told him to hurry along with the cottage at Halls Gap – saw Montfirt – very hot journey to Sydney – felt very ill – Jack Lamb got into carriage – On Monday 18th went to Dr Moore paid him 6/- commenced Chio once a day – wrote Livy and Alice by Rosette (P.O. S.S.) on 19th saw Landers of Norton’s office re Alice’s affairs – also called on Mills re same – paid 5/ for registering cattle Brand 3C M – Wilton offered Dr M. and me for V. of C. ₤6500 for our 900 ac – we refused and now ask £10 000 for the same – Got my new suit from Davies on 16th sent Murrells case of oranges on 18th Heard from Finn that Wilton and Coombes purchases on 14th are informal!  Met Mrs Pretions (Louise Young) and treated her in arcade – sent her and Mrs Y. Christmas cards – to Livy (3) and to Mrs and Miss Benest (3).



Hartley Election


W.S. Targett                  298

C.J. Parrma`                  293

John Sheppherd 195

G.A. Lloyd                     174

John Hughes                 115


15 Friday


Negotiations daily re sale of the 900 acres next V. of C. – Had meeting at the Drs – Wilton offered ₤8000.  It is now (23rd) under offer to Holt of the Bank of New Zealand for ₤10000.


He (Holt) to receive ₤1000 commission to remain open until March 1st to enable Holt and others to purchase up the shares of the V. of C. the (Holt) is to have option of buying Wilton 100 ac at ₤4000 – It is Holt’s intention to raise the capital of the V. of C. to 60000₤.  I told the Doctor I would take shares for my ₤4500 at market price 38/- made the Christmas purchases – ham, bacon, six of fowls – box of orange etc etc sent Murrells box of oranges cost 12/- carriage 2/-.  Met Dr Hatan and his 4 children in market – During this and Christmas week was too ill to keep diary – Negotiation still pending re purchase of the 900 ac at Lithgow Holt of Bank of N.Z. has asked that agreement be in name of Bennett (Theatre) the price ₤10000 – saw Bensusan – he says he has no deed of the lot (3 roods) all K.T.L. – I distinctly remember leaving it with him gave over to Dr M. (28th) my vouchers and deed of lands at V. of C. – I took his receipt for same – the Dr takes the pessimist view of my case – my suffering has been so great lately that I now and for the first time look upon recovery as hopeless – sorry I cannot sell Tankersley for it is a most picturesque and really valuable property – + is sure to be bought for a song – if offered without a reserve – saw Mills 28th he promised to call and he introduced to Lady M. – sent Holt of Bank of N.Z. my authority to sell 900 ac for ₤10000 – called on Dr George on Lec – who looked at my tongue – said cure would be expensive – his physic ₤3.3 per bottle – He looted me of 10/-


27 Wednesday


I have now done with the quacks, met Edwards, Lambton Curren etc.  Wrote Dr M. and S.L.B. – advertised 160 acres Cannel land very ill on 29th.




Final entry



[1] Stareley.  Probably Hat Hill.  Campbell Mitchell’s interests included the shale seam that ran through the area.

[2] Punch’s, Punch’s Hotel, King and Pitt Streets, Sydney.

[3] Ichneuman, The pamphlet thought to be written by Campbell’s older brother Livingston, ridiculing members of Sydney’s social elite. Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell was accused of having written the pamphlet himself and is quite indignant in a letter to Sir Charles Nicholson, his immediate neighbour in Woollahra, regarding the authorship of it. A request for a copy from Campbell in 1882, some decades after the scandal, indicates something of the notoriety of the incident and its impact on the family.

[4] Livy, C. Mitchell’s brother Livingston, living on the Isle of Wight. Campbell manages his Australian investments.

[5] Alice and Dick, Campbell Mitchell’s sister Alice married to Mr Richard Dauncy.

[6] Livy and Vic Mann, C. Mitchell’s nephew.  At St Mark’s Church, Darling Point, 16 April 1857, Camilla Victoria Mitchell married John Frederick Mann, surveyor, Camilla died shortly after the birth of her twin sons in 1863. John Mann had joined Leichhardt’s expedition. Camilla and John Mann had four children: Bentley Camilla Mitchell, Mary Emily Blunt Alicia [Meba], Livingstone Frederick [Livy] and Gother Victor Fyers [Vic]. John Frederick Mann lived at Craignathan, Neutral Bay and held property with J. Y. Mills (auctioneer) at Wattamolla near Campbell Mitchell.

[7] Bate, Charles Bate. Woollahra property agent and investor in J. B. North’s company. Charles Bate and Christian Knoblanche took over the Portland limestone works in 1879 and had contracts to deliver to the Eskbank iron works but failed to deliver fully due to heavy rains that halted delivery.

[8] Bensusan, Samuel Levy Bensusan, a mining investor who held titles to properties in the vicinity of Wallerawang and Cullen Bullen. J. E. Carne records Bensusan as holding principal interest in the Snowball Copper mine near Adelong, which was developing a smelter as early as 1874. His interest in the Western District was wide ranging and he was director of the Great Western Copper Mining Company.   In 1877, he is listed in Sands as a merchant and owner of tin smelting works in Bathurst Street. The records of the Department of Mines indicate Bensusan’s concerns in the Copeland [No. 1 North] and Frogmore gold fields.  In 1877, he leased the Emu Smelting Works belonging to Thomas Saywell near the Vale of Clwydd Colliery. with others. to smelt copper. Bensusan also held interests in Queensland and was a frequent traveller to that colony.  He wrote and delivered addresses on copper production to the Royal Society of New South Wales, of which he was a founding member with Rev. W. B. Clarke. In 1882, he moved into Qambi in Woollahra, renting it from Burns of Burns Philp fame.  His son, Samuel, became an early analytical chemist and his daughter, Inez, a leading light in feminine literature at the turn of the century.

[9] Finn, Patrick Finn, son of John and Mary J. Finn and brother to Michael; part-time surveyor and land owner. Patrick served as Post Master at Hartley for thirteen years, acquiring land.  In 1865 he sold 28 acres of his land at Hartley to the Hartley Kerosene Oil and Paraffin Company for fifty £1 shares.  Finn was hoping to work land at Blackheath, with C. Mitchell and Dr Mackenzie.  Mitchell’s death in 1883 probably put paid to the venture and he sold up.  He married Mary Curran producing three children.  He died in July 1886 at Brown’s Gap aged 56; leaving estate valued less than £528. [Ingham Enterprising Migrants].

[10] Tankersley, C. Mitchell’s property at Bowenfels. Recorded in the Tourist’s Railway Map 1878-9 as Mining Leases 1, 2 and 3 each of 60 acres 17 May 1877.  Also the location of his coal mine.

[11] Patrick Higgins, founder of Lithgow Valley Colliery.  Higgins held numerous town lots in Blackheath and was C. Mitchell’s immediate neighbour there.

[12] A. J. S. B., Probably Alfred Bowden, Manager of property for Mitchell family in Balranald.

[13] Mills, Real Estate Agent managed C. Mitchell’s properties in the Illawarra and Mittagong. Mills and Pile Auctioneers 1877 later Mills, Pile and Wilson Auctioneers Sands, 1891.

[14] Carthona, The former Mitchell home (see Campbell’s biography).  Carthona was also the name of a property at Neutral Bay, the residence of Livingstone Mann, Campbell’s nephew.

[15] Capt Onslow, Arthur Onslow, b. 1833 d. 31st January 1882, served during the Crimean war, member for Camden, married Elizabeth Macarthur 1867.

[16] Millie and Emily, Campbell’s nieces by Emily and Lord Audley.

[17] Backhouse or B.B., Benjamin Backhouse title holder to large acreages in the Wentworth Falls area then known as Brasfort.  He shared title to land with C. Mitchell at Craigend in Brasfort.  His interest in mining began when he first came to Australia.  Lured by gold, Backhouse immigrated to Ballarat in 1852.  He worked in Geelong and Ballarat as a mason, architect and surveyor, before returning to England in 1861.  Later that year, he settled in Brisbane as an architect.   After the death of his son Percy, in 1867, Backhouse moved to Sydney where he soon built a prominent practice and later became a member of the Legislative Council.  Numerous buildings are attributed to him. Backhouse son, Clive, later became manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank in Katoomba [Queensland Architects of the Nineteenth Century, D Watson & J Mackay].

[18] B. [also referred to as J.L.B.], at 18 O’Connell St resided John Le Gay Brereton.  A physician who advocated the use of Turkish Baths, he owned land and M.C.P.s in the Hill Top area and an ongoing coal mining concern north west of Berrima, in the vicinity of the South Coal syndicate’s lands.  His son Ernest was a mining engineer and it is possibly this son that Campbell Mitchell had dealings with.

[19] Dick, C. Mitchell’s brother Richard.

[20] Wattamolla, C. Mitchell’s land holdings near Clifton in the Illawarra. The last of the land that Mitchell once held here.

[21] North, John Britty North who secures control of much of the land C. Mitchell had Mineral Leases on or purchased conditionally in the Katoomba area.

[22] Burfitt, probably Charles Burfitt, stock agents.

[23] Pile, George Pile.

[24] Macleay St, Lady Mitchell’s residence. Campbell’s mother.

[25] Norton & Smith, Solicitors.

[26] Bowden, Stock agents Balranald?

[27] Mrs M., Campbell’s housekeeper.

[28] P.M., Police Magistrate; as part of duties, mines and Conditional Leases were inspected.

[29] Shepherd, Patrick Lindesay Crawford Shepherd Esquire. Born 1831 in Sydney, Shepherd and Campbell are of the same age and probably spent time together in school. Shepherd is the son of Thomas Shepherd, an early land grantee who began Darling Nursery. Shepherd and his brother shared partnership of the business from 1854. Previously, Shepherd had spent time droving, carrying and collecting plant specimens. Shepherd owned extensive land in and around Colo. He later became a member of the Legislative Assembly and retired to the Colo area. [Australian Men of Mark].

[30] Gerald Spring, Inspector of Lands later MP.

[31] Russell, the engineer of the Lithgow Iron Works.

[32] Pfahlert, Pfahlert”s Hotel, Wynyard Square.

[33] Milburn Creek, The Milburn Creek trial was being played out during the time of Campbell Mitchell’s writing. There is no doubt that he knew some of the key individuals involved in the case. In March 1873 Ezekiel Baker and others began mining for copper at Milburn Creek, however the lease came into question when it was revealed that the land had already been sold by the Crown. Considering the complicated nature of land reforms taking place, it is not surprising that a case like this would have arisen. Proceedings went to the highest court in the colony who ejected Baker and his syndicate. Soon after, the syndicate petitioned for compensation which was granted by a Select Committee. By 1881, attention had focused on the behaviour of the syndicates directors and especially Baker who had become a prominent member of Parkes government. It came to light that an amount of money had been appropriated without the consent of the shareholders and Baker had been ejected from the parliament. During early 1882, the case was being heard in court. Interestingly Baker wrote to Henry Parkes regarding Samuel Bensusan’s role in the affair indicating his imense influence in the Copper industry.[ADB].

[34] Lady A., Lady Audley, Grandmother of C. Mitchell’s nieces.

[35] R.B.M., Richard Mitchell.

[36] Bn, Samuel Levy Bensusan, see note 6.

[37] Hargrave, Lawrence Hargrave, son of  NSW Supreme Court Judge John Fletcher Hargrave, who had bought Stanwell Park from C. Mitchell and Lord Audley through foreclosure.

[38] L., Lambton.  Probably Lambton of the GPO and a social acquaintance of C. Mitchell.

[39] S.L.B., Samuel Levy Bensusan, see note 6.

[40] Dr Mackenzie, Dr Walter Fawkes Mackenzie (b. 11th August 1835. d. 14th October, 1886.)  Not to be confused with the prominent Mackenzie family of Bathurst and surrounds, W. F. Mackenzie was the grandson of Kenneth Mackenzie, one of the largest colliery proprietors in Lancashire, England.  W. F. Mackenzie trained as a doctor in St Helens. By 1861, he had earned three degrees: LSA (London), MRCS (Edinburgh) and LRCP (Edinburgh). Despite being offered a career in England, W. F. Mackenzie decided to come to Australia, in the interest of his health.  He arrived in 1882 and began a practice in Maitland.  It is suggested that about this time he invested a considerable portion of his earnings in “kerosene and shale land in the western district”.  Again with concern for his health, he removed to Wallerawang a year after taking Dr A. K. Mason into his Maitland partnership.  During the 1870s, W. F. Mackenzie took out many Mining Conditional Purchases in the area and had interests in many mining syndicates.  Once his health had improved he moved to Sydney and by 1876 he was appointed chief medical officer of the Australian Mutual Provident Society for which is noted to have a “reputation of phenomenal exactitude”.  He was also the agent for the English Phoenix Assurance Agency in the colony.  He was married in 1865 to Francis Usill at Wollongong. [Australian Men of Mark].

[41] Ruane, Manager of lands in the area around Colo Vale.

[42] Ebblewhite, W. E. Ebblewhite Mining Agent 267 George Street.

[43] Government Siding, Colo Vale Station.

[44] Richardson, T. S. Richardson?

[45] Wilsons, A.A. Wilson hotel owner, Weatherboard Inn.

[46] Wiltshire, Government Land Agent.

[47] Holt, presumably Thomas Holt of the Sutherland Shire.

[48] Hughes, Enoch Hughes of the Lithgow Iron Works.  Hughes was manager of the Fitsroy Iron Works at Mittagong and the Victorian Rolling Mill in Melbourne and is widely accepted as having incredible foresight into iron production in New South Wales suggesting Newcastle as an ideal sight as early as 1872.  Hughes promoted the establishment of ironworks at the site of the Irondale mine known as the Great Western Iron and Coal Co.  The venture was suspended and Hughes took on the Lithgow Valley Iron Co. in Lithgow at the end of 1872.  Hughes had taken out Conditional purchases near Mt Wilson in order to secure iron deposits for his smelting furnace.  By 1882 the company was known by its trading name Esk Bank Iron Company. Hughes, unpredictable character led to animosity and his talk of departure is not surprising.

[49] Want, Jack Want, son of Randolph Want, solicitor.

[50] Lady Forbes, born in 1794, Lady Forbes was the widow of Sir Francis Forbes, first Chief Justice of the colony. Aemelia Sophia Grant was a well known matriarch of Sydney society and family friend of the Mitchells.

[51] Vernon, Walter Liberty Vernon, renowned government architect.

[52] Lady M., Mrs T.L. Mitchell Campbell’s mother who died in 1883, after having outlived all but three of her twelve children.

[53] Rush, Bartholomew Rush neighbouring property near Braemar.

[54] Sutherland, John Sutherland, Minister for Public Works (1868-70, 1872-5, 1878-80 and 1887-9), owned land directly east of C. Mitchell’s Tankersley  property at Bowenfells.  In 1873 Sutherland had taken up 3760 acres of land with Henry Parkes near Jamberoo to exploit the coal deposits there.  In Lithgow, Sutherland was director of the Esk Bank Iron Company.

[55] Prendergaast, Robert  Prendergast, brewer of Prendergast and Wood Bros. Newcastle, later Castlemaine Brewery, sometime mining speculator.

[56] Brereton’s, John Le Gay Brereton Senior.

[57] Saywell, Thomas Saywell, tobacco merchant and mining proprietor at Lithgow; owned land in the Illawarra and  speculated with others in mining close to lands of interest to C. Mitchell.

[58] Dr Robertson, James Robert Robertson.  A mining engineer who had recently arrived in the colony, Dr Robertson became a renowned geological consultant to the coal industry.  He had worked as a medical officer in India and Burma and may have found common points of conversation with Campbell Mitchell.

[59] A. Brown, Andrew Brown, Campbell’s next door neighbour to the southern side at Lithgow.

[60] Wilkinson, Government Geologist.

[61] Meba to Bell, the engagement of  Mary Emily Blunt Alicia [Meba] Mann to John Bell at Newtown.

[62] McMullen,John McMullin neighbour at Hall’s Gap near Brown’s Gap Road.

[63] G.F.M., probably Georgina Mitchell aka Jessie the eldest of the Mitchell children Georgina returned to England where she gained some reknown as a suffragette writer.  She was a leading figure in a Sydney’s Literary society as was her acquaintance Inez Bensusan.

[64] Wilson, Vale of Clwydd colliery in the Lithgow Valley and Lithgow Valley Colliery Co. managing director 92 Pitt Street.

[65] Currens, The Oxford Hotel.

[66] Carter, George Lord Carter, Alderman and M.L.A. for South Sydney 1880-2, George took out a M.C.P. in 1882 on K.T.L., above James Bates on the same date.

[67] Thomas Hale, Thomas Hale built the jetty at Coal Cliff for Alexander Stuart who had bought the land from Judge Hargrave after C. Mitchell had lost control to Lord Audley.  Hale had previously built a jetty at Bellambi Coal Mine also in the Illawarra District.

[68] Reynolds, Capt. Reynolds (see Chapters 3 and 4).

[69] Browns Gap, Halls Gap, Tankersley, Browns Gap, south of Lithgow, and Hall’s Gap are along the Lithgow coal seam at Hall’s Creek, backing onto Doctor’s Gap south east of Lithgow.  Tankersley is now situated very near the current site of the Lithgow garbage dump.  Only Hall’s Gap is clearly indicated on Parish maps as Portion #5 Parish of Lett.  Tankersley was probably sold to Andrew Brown’s family and appear on later maps belonging to his son Charles.  Brown’s Gap mine was worked on land titled to Dr W. F. Mackenzie, near the Vale of Clwydd mine.  Many years later the mine was worked by the Vale of Clwydd Co, but its location near “the want” meant that it proved unprofitable.  Mc Mullins lands were located east of Hall’s Gap.  The “want” is a geological zone, running approximately north south, and just east of Brown’s Gap, where the Lithgow seam is thin, faulted and of no commercial value (Noel Craven).

 Comment from Stan Johnstone:

p207: It is stated that; ‘Tankersley was less than 1 kilometre east of where the State Colliery was to develop into one of the greatest of all western coalfield mines.’

 Answer from PP

This is another example of Philip Pells’ dyslexia when it comes to the words ‘west’ and ‘east’.


In fact as SJ points out Tankersley was west of the State Colliery, and closer to 4km than 1km.  To clarify the situation the following scan, from Noel Craven’s compilatation of Lithgow collieries, shows the position of Tankersley.


Lithgow Collieries